• Match Format:  2 rounds; 3 sets total
    • Round 1 = 1 set of doubles
    • Round 2 = 2 sets of singles
  • Each set is played to 6 games, win by 1.  No-ad scoring.  The team that wins the most sets is the winner
  • A match may be played with a minimum of two (2) players
  • Due to court availability, each division is limited to a certain amount of teams.
  • Players are welcome to play “up” an age division.
  • The age eligibility cut-off is December 15 of current year.
  • League play runs for up to 7 weeks in late-October into December.


This is a WINTER OUTDOOR LEAGUE.  Be prepared to play in the cold.  Have fun and bring your gloves!

For more information contact Stacey Adams, Junior Tennis Coordinator