• NTRP based – Valid computer or self-rating required.
  • USTA membership NOT required for this league season
  • FREE from GRETA ($3 reg processing fee will apply)
  • Play consists of three doubles matches.
  • Minimum age is 18/40/55/65 years old by Dec 31 of the current year for respective league levels
  • Participation does NOT affect player’s NTRP rating.


• Each roster must have a min. of 3 possible pairings whose NTRP rating is equal to the level of the mixed team. (e.g. for a 6.0 mixed team at least 3 partners must be combined as the following: 3.0M/3.0W, 3.5M/2.5W, 3.5W/2.5M)
• Maximum number of players per team is fifteen (15).

Contact Susan Brodeur, Piedmont Local League Coordinator at