• Only 1 player needed for form a singles team.
  • Only 2 players needed to form a Doubles or Mixed team.
  • NTRP based – Valid computer or self-rating required.
  • One court of play per match.
  • Must have a current USTA membership throughout the league season.
  • Must be 18 years of age to register and participate in this league.
  • Register and report results through TennisLink
  • Participation does not affect player’s NTRP rating.


  • 1 player minimum – 3 max for SINGLES
  • 2 players minimum – 6 max for DOUBLES
  • 2 players minimum – 6 max for MIXED


The USTA rating change occurs during this league season; however, any rating changes (up or down) will have no impact on players. A player’s rating at the time of registration will be valid for the entire season.


This is a WINTER OUTDOOR LEAGUE.  Be prepared to play in the cold.  Have fun and bring your gloves!

For more information contact Susan Brodeur, Piedmont Local League Coordinator