Racquets & Jackets Polar Tennis League ~ Year 2!

CHILL OUT… Tennis Season isn’t over yet!

Team Registration:  Closes October 7, 2018
Players may continue to register throughout the season.
League Season Begins November 1st and runs thru mid-January (unless additional weeks are needed due to byes)

League fees:  $29.00 + 3.00 tennis link fee for a total of $32.00.  Players receive a long sleeve league t-shirt!

League Format:

  • Only 2 players from each team play in a match.
  • 2 sets per match but with a new twist…
    • 1st set = 1 doubles court (play doubles with your teammate)
    • 2nd set = 2 singles matches (each player plays a singles set)

League Schedule:

  • ALL teams will have 8 matches for the season.
  • Maximum number of players = 8   (increased from 5 players last season!)

Team requirements:

  • Minimum number of players = 2
  • Maximum number of players = 8   (increased from 5 players last season!)

League Information:

  • USTA Membership is required and must be valid throughout the season.
  • All divisions are 18+.  All Players must be 18 years of age on or before 12/31/18 to play in this league.
  • Players can play at their current NTRP level or 1 level above.
  • This is a non-advancing league.  League winners will receive an award at the end of the season!
  • USTA and local league rules apply.
  • Play in this league does NOT affect a players NTRP rating.

o   Note: The USTA rating change occurs during this league season; however, any rating changes (up or down) will have no                     impact on players. A player’s rating at the time of registration will be valid for the entire season.

Friendly reminder…this is a WINTER OUTDOOR LEAGUE.  Be prepared to play in the cold.  Have fun and bring your gloves!