Registration Fee: $40 ($36.75 + $3.25 processing fee)
Match Times: 1pm or 2pm
Registration Process: Players register with a team captain setting up the team or use “open registration” and be placed on a team
Sites: Each team will have a “home” site with matches home and away at other facilities.

12U/14U/18U – beginner/intermediate divisions
Format: 3 singles and 1 doubles
Scoring: best 2 out of 3 4-game sets, no ad, 7-pt tiebreaker at set score 3-3, 10-pt tiebreaker if split sets
Minimum Number of Players on Roster: 5

10U Orange Rally League – beginner division
Format: 1 singles and 1 doubles, 1 hour of round robin play
Scoring: 1st to 7 points wins game, play 2 games
Serving: No serves, only 1 underhand feed (bounce or no bounce) anywhere in the court
Minimum Number of Players on Roster: 3

Medals will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams in the 12s-18s divisions with the most individual games won over the season and to all players in the 10s rally league. Each week we will ask captains to nominate an opposing player for good sportsmanship. The 2 players with the most votes at the end of the season will be recognized and given an award.

For more information contact our Junior Local League Coordinator, Kevin Caccia at kevin@gretanc.com