• Play occurs with three doubles matches, each at a different NTRP level.
  • Highest rated players play court 1, lowest rated players play court 3.
  • Players must play at their NTRP rated level or 1 step higher.
  • Any court can be defaulted in Tri-Level as opposed to the lowest court in other leagues.
  • NTRP based – Valid computer or self rating required.
  • Players must compete in 1 match locally to be eligible to play at state championship.
  • Tri-Level is a division offered by USTA Sections and qualifies for State Tournament.
  • Participation DOES count toward player’s end of year NTRP rating.


  • 6 players must be able to combine to form 3 eligible teams as a minimum.
  • The maximum number of players per team is fifteen (15).
  • USTA Membership required to compete in Tri-Level Tournament.
  • Players can play on court for their NTRP level or one (1) level above.
  • Minimum age is 18 years old at time of registration.

For more information contact Susan Brodeur, Local League Coordinator