Please take the time to go to the USTA website and update your email, mailing address and phone number so that we have the correct contact information on file.  (PLEASE NOTE:  updating your email address for your USTA membership does NOT update our email distribution list.  Please notify us if you email address has changed so that you will continue to receive local programming information.)

What you will need:

  • Credit card
  • USTA Membership # (current through the entire season that you are registering for including dates of State Championship)

Click Here for “Online Team Creation”  You are now on the Create a Team On-line page.

    1. Select Section:  USTA Southern
    2. Select Area District:  North Carolina
    3. Select Sub/Area:  Piedmont
    4. Select League:  (i.e. 18 & Over) Choose your division
    5. Select Flight:  (i.e. 7.5 Women)
    6. Enter Team Name:  (Team name must include the captain’s last name)
    7. Facility:If your team is a member of a club that will allow USTA matches, you may select the club name by Select a FacilityIf your team is based out of High Point or Burlington, you may select a facility in one of those areas.If you do not see a facility listed, click on the OTHER FACILITY button, search and select the facilityGreensboro based teams not affiliated with a club should select independent.Please keep in mind that Piedmont is not a home/away league as most matches are played at public facilities.  Matches are scheduled according to court availability.
    9. Print a copy of your confirmation with your team number to give to players.  Your players must have the 10 digit team number to register.

Non-playing captains will enter last name but will need a member of the team’s USTA number and sign them on as a captain. The LLC will take care of reassigning non-playing captains after a team is registered.