1. Log In or Create Your Tennislink Account

New to tennis or coming back to tennis leagues?
You’ll first need to log into or set up your tennislink account. Once you create a tennislink account and you are assigned a number, it is yours forever. Even if you purchase a USTA membership and it expires, the account number is yours forever.

Brand new to USTA
Leagues and have never
had a tennislink account?

Have a USTA tennislink
account, and your rating
has expired?

Not sure if you have a tennislink account or you’re having trouble logging in?
Please call 800-990-USTA (8782) and they will be able to assist you with your account.

2. Obtain Your Rating

Now that you’re logged into your account profile, you can get your NTRP rating assigned. (Make sure you use a laptop or PC, not a tablet or smartphone. Chrome or Safari works best with tennislink.)

  • Click on the tab labeled “USTA LEAGUE” and then click on the blue “SELF RATE” button in the middle of the page.  You’ll see a window pop up (make sure your pop up block is off.)
  • You’ll be asked a few questions about your background and history related to the sport of tennis.  Once you’ve answered these questions, you will be assigned an NTRP rating. You’ll then be asked if you’d like to accept the rating that you were assigned or if you’d like to appeal your rating up or down.  Make a selection and click submit. If you choose to appeal your rating, it will go through the self rate appeal process. The self rate committee at USTA Southern will review your appeal and provide a decision.

3. Find a Team and Get Playing Today

Click here to fill out our Find a Team form.  Once you get connected to a team, you will need a USTA Membership. Click here for more information on USTA membership options.