Register a Team

Please take the time to go to USTA and update your e-mail,  address, and phone number so that we have the correct contact information on file.

What you will need:

  • Credit card
  • USTA Membership # (current through the entire season that you are registering for including dates of State Championship)


Click Here for “Online Team Creation”  You are now on the Create a Team On-line page.

    1. Select Section:  USTA Southern
    2. Select Area District:  North Carolina
    3. Select Sub/Area:  Piedmont
    4. Select League:  (i.e. 18 & Over) Choose your division
    5. Select Flight:  (i.e. 7.5 Women)
    6. Enter Team Name:  (Team name must include the captain’s last name)
    7. Facility:
      If your team is a member of a club that will allow USTA matches, you may select the club name by Select a Facility
      If your team is based out of High Point or Burlington, you may select a facility in one of those areas.
      If you do not see a facility listed, click on the OTHER FACILITY button, search and select the facility
      Greensboro based teams not affiliated with a club should select independent.
      Please keep in mind that Piedmont is not a home/away league as most matches are played at public facilities.  Matches are scheduled according to court availability.
    9. Print a copy of your confirmation with your team number to give to players.  Your players must have the 10 digit team number to register.

Non-playing captains will enter last name but will need a member of the team’s USTA number and sign them on as a captain. The LLC will take care of reassigning non-playing captains after a team is registered.