Spring Singles


The Piedmont Spring Singles League is designed to help you fit tennis into your busy life!

You decide to play your weekly match at whatever time is convenient for you and your scheduled opponent.
Individual Registration!  No team needed to play.  

$12.00 Local League Fee


* Players must play at their NTRP rated level or 1 step higher.
* NTRP based – Valid computer or self rating required.
* Must have a current USTA membership throughout the league season.
* Minimum age is 18 years old by December 31, 2019
* Register and report results through TennisLink
* Participation DOES NOT affect player’s NTRP rating.
* Schedules will be created suggesting a week for matches to be played.
* Matches can be played any time agreed upon by both players.
* All matches should be completed and scores entered by May 31, 2018

Want to play?   It’s easy… You register yourself as a team.  
Here’s how:

  • You will need a Credit/Debit card
  • USTA Membership # (current through the entire season that you are registering for including dates of State Championship)

Click Here for “Online Team Creation”  You are now on the Create a Team On-line page.

    1. Select Section:  USTA Southern
    2. Select Area District:  North Carolina
    3. Select Sub/Area:  Piedmont
    4. Select League:  (i.e. 18 & Over) Choose your division
    5. Select Flight:  (i.e. 3.5 Women)
    6. Enter Team Name:  (Please enter your name as your team name for this league)
    7. Facility: Matches will be scheduled amongst players at a mutually agreed upon location so there is no need to enter a facility.
    8. Click SUBMIT

Have questions?   Contact Susan Brodeur, Piedmont Local League Coordinator at susan@gretanc.com