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GRETA’s Junior Team Tennis 


USTA Junior Team Tennis brings kids together to play singles & doubles against other teams. It promotes sportsmanship & personal growth, as your child learns the life – long sport of tennis!

Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is a 6 – 8 week local program that is non – gender specific (teams are not required to have a certain # of boys or girls).

Junior Team Tennis Divisions

Age Groups: 18U, 14U, 12U, 10U and 8U

Play Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced *Champion Track is available within some divisions upon request

League Play


All divisions will play on Sunday’s at 1:00 p.m.

Courts: University of Greensboro, North Carolina (UNCG), Local surrounding Tennis Clubs


Team Registration is now OPEN!   The cost to register is $46. Additional fees to consider are USTA Junior Memberships – $20.   If you are 10 and Under and new to USTA, they will offer a free 1 year Junior membership $20 value.



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Click here for your 10 and Under USTA free membership and use codes: FYFE – for English & FYFS – for Spanish.  For anyone that needs a team, please email Cari Powell at with the child’s name, age, division he/she would like to play in and location where you would like to play. Cari will help form teams whenever possible.


 Match Format


  • A player may play 1 singles line & 1 doubles lines per match. A player may also play both rounds of doubles. However, a player may not play 2 singles lines in a match.
  • A match may be played with as few as three players, or as many as six. For example, if only 3 players are available (Annie, Bella & Connor), then in Round 1, Annie could play singles, while Bella & Connor play doubles. In Round 2, either Bella or Connor could play singles, and Annie would play doubles with the remaining player.
  • There are no restrictions on the max # of players, but a suggested team roster would be 8 players to ensure players get ample playtime. Roster size should be based on player availability.
  • Each player is required to play at least 2 different team matches, in order to advance to the State Tournament (spring season only). Retirements count toward the 2 matches, but defaults do not.
  • In order to receive a schedule, a team must have 4 players registered in Tennislink by the last day of team registration.
  • Defaulting a court or an entire match is highly discouraged. A court Fee of $5 will be billed for every defaulted court. If you default 2 courts within in 1 season everyone on your team will not be eligible to to advance to state that season or participate as a team  the following season. If you default a court at the State level your team will not receive their Team Deposit back.
  • JTT uses the traditional tiebreak method (not the Coman used in adult play).The match winner is determined by the total # of games won.  As a result, it’s possible for a team to lose 3 of the 4 lines in a match, but still win the match, based on total points won.  No subs are allowed in JTT local play.


PARENTS are required to volunteer to be Team Managers & Co Team Managers to help organize teams before matches, at match site on game day, exchange line ups and communicating scores.  (see JTT Team Managers/Parents Corner)


Junior State Tournament Info: 

 Teams who win their divisions have the opportunity to advance to the State tournament. This 3 – day tournament is held July 13 – 15 in Cary, at the Cary Tennis Park. Click here for important STATE TOURNAMENT DETAILS.


Age Eligibility

  • Spring season uses August 31 as the age cutoff.
  • Fall season uses December 31 as the age cutoff.
  • Age Example -If a player wishes to play 10U, he/she must be 10 years-old on August 31.  If the player is 11, he/she must play 12U. The minimum age to register for Junior Team Tennis is age 5.


Player Ratings

Players will now have a JNTRP rating for Junior Team Tennis. It will not be public information. The ratings can be seen by the player, manager or league coordinator only. Ratings are dynamic, with no route for appeals.  For additional details regarding Junior ratings, including how to self-rate, click here.


Rating Bands

  • 1.0 – 2.7 Beginner
  • 2.8 – 3.4 Intermediate
  • 3.5 – 7.0 Advanced

In addition to age criteria, a player’s standing & points also determine his or her play level.  For example, if your child has N.C. standing with 175 points as of 12 /31/ 2016, or a 2.8 rating, he or she must play Intermediate. For details about each level’s requirements, or to check your child’s point total, please click here. You’ll need to enter his or her USTA number.

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If you or your business is interested in sponsoring our Junior Tennis Programing(click here) please contact, Cari Powell at