JTT Team Mgr & Parent Corner

How to Become a Captain (2 steps)

1 – Register in Tennislink. TennisLink serves as the online registration process for Junior Team Tennis. TennisLink also provides registration for up to 2 Team Managers / coaches per team (a coach / manager, as well as a co – manager). The person who is the primary contact for the team & handles team management and / or coaching responsibility, shall be listed as the Coach / Manager. If another individual will have regular & continuous contact with the team, he or she shall be entered in TennisLink as the co – captain.

Click Here to Register in Tennislink

Click Here to Register in Tennislink for a Non Member Account 

2 – The Team Manager / Co – Manager are required to complete the Safe Play program & pass a background check. The Safe Play program includes an online training module. Once this is completed, you apply for your backgound screening. The screening is conducted by the National Center for Safety Initiatives. Please know this can take up to 15 business days for approval.

Click Here for JTT Safe Play Instructions


 Important Documents (please print & review)

*Remember, it’s the responsibility of both teams to make sure scores are entered on the Tennislink website within 48hrs of a match’s completion. If scores are not entered within the 48hrs, the coordinator will contact the team managers.

Local League JTT Guidelines for Match Play

  •  8U Format, Scoring & Rules
  • 10U Format, Scoring & Rules
  • 12U Beginner/Intermediate Format, Scoring & Rules
  • 12 Advanced, 14, 18U Format, Scoring & Rules
  • Championship JTT Format, Scoring & Rules
  • Inclement Weather Procedures
  • Player & Spectator Conduct