Get to Know GRETA

GRETA is a registered USTA Community Tennis Association (CTA)

GRETA, Greensboro Regional Tennis Association was founded in 1997 and is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status. The CTA is affiliated with the USTA, the governing body for tennis in the United States.


The mission of GRETA is to introduce, train and promote the sport of tennis to all youth and adults in our community and the surrounding area through clinics, lessons, and educational workshops to instruct and educate individuals about the benefits of tennis.  We provide and/or partner with local organizations to offer tennis programs for all ages and abilities.  We teach players a lifetime love of physical fitness, the health and educational benefits, the value of good sportsmanship and the importance of giving something back to the community through tennis and educational programs.

GRETA works in partnership with the parks and recreation departments, schools, private tennis clubs, tennis professionals, children’s clubs, charities, the NCTA and the USTA to promote and grow the sport of tennis.

Further GRETA will financially support scholarship opportunities for youth tennis instruction, tennis camp opportunities, and tournament participation for local, national and international amateur tennis programs. GRETA also provides financial support for community projects that either promote the benefits of tennis and to provide opportunity for under-served communities.



GRETA is organized and operated to instruct and educate individuals of all ages and skill levels in the sport of tennis.  We conduct clinics, lessons, camps and tournaments at municipal parks and recreational areas.  Our primary focus is introducing and promoting the sport of tennis to our community while educating the public on the lifelong health and educational benefits of tennis and the value of good sportsmanship and community involvement.

GRETA strives to give opportunity, encouragement and instruction to all youth and adults and all abilities, including those with disabilities, and to promote sportsmanship by providing instruction and other educational assistance. In carrying out its purposes, GRETA may, from time to time work with the USTA North Carolina, USTA North Carolina Foundation, USTA Southern, USTA, USTA Foundation, other community tennis associations and other non-profit or for-profit organizations promoting sportsmanship, recreation and health throughout Greensboro and the surrounding area.

​ GRETA’s programs are open to anyone in the community for no cost or a nominal fee to help cover expenses.  GRETA solicits contributions from interested members of the community to help cover expenses not funded by fees.  GRETA’s board of directors is composed of individuals of all segments of the community who have a passion for sharing the sport of tennis. No compensation is paid to GRETA’s directors or officers.  GRETA leverages our volunteers to support programming efforts.