Find a Team: Summer

greensboro adult tennis leaguesLooking to connect to a team this summer in the Piedmont Adult Leagues?  We are happy to help!
Summer Leagues include:  Tri-Level, Mixed Doubles & Singles Leagues
Here are some things to know…
The form below will provide us with the information needed to assist in connecting you to a team(s).  We will be forming new teams and connecting players to teams looking for players. Please review the schedule of play so that you know what night leagues are scheduled to play and request leagues accordingly.
2018 Tentative Schedules for League Play SUMMER LEAGUES
PLEASE NOTE:  Completing the Find a Team Form does NOT guarantee that we can find a spot on a team or have enough players to form new teams at the level(s) you are seeking.  We encourage players to also contact players to connect to teams or form teams as well.
Please complete the information below and click the submit button.  You should receive a confirmation email to confirm that we have received your information. For more information contact Susan Brodeur, Piedmont Local League Coordinator at
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