Play Days


A Play Day allows kids to compete with players of similar age and skill level. The action will keep moving in quick matches and so will your child. With the emphasis on fun, kids gain both confidence and play experience in a low-pressure environment with friends.

  • Modified serving for less experienced players
  • Low pressure, non-elimination formats
  • Organized by level or flights
  • Rotate and play multiple opponents in short, continuous matches
  • Play format can vary and include team play
  • Provides a fun atmosphere with refreshments, prizes and awards
  • Includes a Parent Orientation
  • Can be organized by schools, parks, youth centers, colleges, and tennis facilities
  • USTA Membership is encouraged but not required

Facilities can register their play days and find more information at:

Contact Cari Powell, Junior Tennis Program Coordinator at to learn more about youth tennis opportunities in our area.