Piedmont JTT Advancing Tournament

Piedmont JTT Advancing Tournament


June 8, 2018


The Piedmont JTT Advancing Tournament will be held at Lake Jeanette Swim and Tennis Club.  This is considered a local program that is non-gender specific.

Junior Team Tennis Divisions
 8U beginner & intermediate/advanced
10U beginner and intermediate
12U beginner and intermediate
14U beginner  and intermediate
18U beginner and intermediate
Team Registration is open on TennisLink. The cost to register is $25. Additional fees to consider are USTA Junior Memberships – $20.  If you are 10 and Under and new to USTA, they will offer a free 1 year Junior membership $20 value.  Click here for your USTA free membership.

Match Format
8U beginner & intermediate/advanced
The matches during this tournament will consist of  2 singles and 1 doubles line per match.   Best 2 out of 3 sets: 7-point games (third game counts as only one point).

10U beginner & intermediate  through 18 beginner & intermediate
The matches during this tournament will consist of 2 rounds of 1 singles and 1 doubles line per match. Set to 6 games. 7 point tiebreaker played at 5 all.

Each player is required to play 2 matches to advance to the State Tournament.  Retirements count towards the 2 matches, but defaults do not.  A match can be played with as little as 3 players and a maximum of 6.  A team is required to have 4 players registered in tennislink by the last day of registration to receive a schedule.  There are no restrictions on the maximum number of players, but really a team should not have more then 8 players.  Each divisional winner will be able to advance to the State Tournament (July 14 -16 in Cary, NC) as long as they have the qualifing players.  This league is for 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U age divisions for both beginner and intermediate. * JTT will not use subs at the State Tournament.

Player Ratings

Players registered in 12U and above divisions will be required to have a JNTRP for spring play.  Some of our players already have an assigned rating.  The majority of our players will need to self-rate.  There are 3 methods to self-rate a player.  We highly recommend that you partner with a local pro to decide what an appropriate rating should be for each player. Juniors use a dynamic rating that will be updated every 2 weeks.  A rating can only be corrected 1 time before the child plays a match.  Once a match has been played, changes may not be made.

Follow these links to:


Rating Bands

Recreational:  1 – 2.7
Intermediate:  2.8 – 3.4
Advanced:  3.5 – 7 or top 300 in southern section
*10U:  top 100 in southern section must play advanced.  Must play intermediate if they have a North Carolina standing of 175 or more points.
**Ratings only apply to 12U and above.  There are no ratings for 8U and 10U.

Background Check Procedures
All Coordinators, Coaches/Captains/Managers/Co-captains who are listed in Jr. Team Tennis Tennislink must complete the National Background Screening procedures.  You will not be able to create a team in Tennislink until you have completed the process below.  Be aware that this process will take at least 15 days to complete.  Please do not delay, starting this process.

Each player registration will include a $1.00 fee to cover the expense of the Safe Play program.

1.     Complete Your Background Screen Application. In the application, you will be required to certify and affirm that you have successfully completed. The USTA has retained the services of an independent third party, the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI), to conduct background screenings of all applicants. Please begin your background screen through NCSI here:  http://www.usta.com/About-USTA/safe_play_background_tearsheet_jtt/

The 20 to 30 minute video is has been added back into the program.  The video can be stopped and started to finish at your timetable.  It must be completed to receive your background check clearance.

  1. Once you have submitted your background screen information, results will be generated in approximately 15 businessdays. Please be sure to add ncsisafe.com to your accepted email domain list. Watch for an email from Compliance@ncsisafe.com in the days following your application; this will contain an Applicant ID number which can be used to check the status of your application on NCSI’s website.

b) NCSI may contact you within the 15 business day waiting period to request more information. You can confirm the legitimacy of the request by checking your status on NCSI’s website using the Applicant ID number; your status will note the same request for information. Please watch for communications from NCSI as these emails may end up in your “spam” folder.

c) Following the above described waiting period, you will receive either a green or red light, based on the results of your application and the USTA’s criteria. If you receive a green light, you will receive an email from the USTA notifying you that you’ve been cleared through Safe Play with instructions on what to do next. You also will be listed on the results page of USTA.com. If you received a red light, you will be notified by NCSI of your status and you will not be eligible to participate in Jr. Team Tennis.

Background Check Step by Step – Guide to walk you through the background check process.

The background check is automated through TennisLink.  Only those who have cleared the background screening process will be able to access Tennislink. Those who have not cleared will not be able to enter scores, create teams, etc.  If you have received a green light from the past season, the check is valid for 2 years.

If you are a NEW coach/manager, you must register on TennisLink before you can create a new team. Click on the following link to Become a Coach/Manager on TennisLink.

·    If you already have a USTA number or a TennisLink ID Number, you must login to TennisLink to create a new team. Click on  Login to Your USTA Account. On the TennisLink Team Tennis Home Page, click on Create New Team located under My Options (right-side menu).

For anyone that needs a team, please email Cari Powell at cari@gretanc.com with the child’s name, age, division he/she would like to play in and location where you would like to play. Cari will help form teams whenever possible.

The minimum age to register for Jr. Team Tennis is age 5.

Each division has a cut-off age, which is based on the USTA’s championship year calendar. Use the following chart to determine division eligibility for your player.


Current Age

Age on
August 31, 2017

Eligible Age Division





















*Previous JTT Advancing to State Dates: April 28, 29, & 30, 2017

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We would like to Thank our Friend of the Court Sponsor

If you or your business is interested in sponsoring our Piedmont JTT Advancing Tournament please contact, Cari Powell at cari@gretanc.com