GRETA Board of Directors 2018

  • Chuck Burns, President
  • Cookie Guarini, Past President
  • Elaine Delgado, Secretary
  • Jeff McGowan, Treasurer
  • Stephen Keaney, Adult Leagues
  • Jay Moore, Facilities
  • Karen Walters, Grants
  • Ed Gaines, Legal Counsel
  • Chris Fuller, Outreach Programming
  • Toby Curtis, Local Pro Liaison
  • Kelly Reaves, Member at Large
  • Dru Michaels, Member at Large

Are you Interested serving on the GRETA Board of Directors?  We currently have positions available for the following positions:

  • Marketing/Social Media
  • Junior Tennis

Interested individuals should complete the form below:

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What particular strengths do you feel you bring to the GRETA Board?
What do you see as the main challenges and opportunities for GRETA?
How can GRETA better serve our community, and our local tennis players?
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