Adult League FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are State Championships?

The calendar for all 2016 State League Championships may be found on page 13 of

the 2016 USTA North Carolina League Tennis Regulations.

Can players play in more than one age division?

Yes! For example a 3.5 male player age 55 may play in 3.5 Men 18 & Over, 3.5 Men 40 & Over and 3.5 Men 55 & Over divisions. If his teams all advanced to State Championships he would be able to play with all of these teams at States.


A player age 65 would be able to play in these divisions plus 65 & Over. The older the player the more playing options.

See – there is an advantage of getting older:)

Choosing a home site?

As most USTA matches in Piedmont are played at public courts, Piedmont is not a home / away league. Being home team in Piedmont only means your team brings balls.

However if teams are members of clubs and request matches at their club or at Oak Hollow it is honored depending on courts made available.


How many teams advance to local playoffs?

For levels that are divided into flights, the top finishing team in each flight will advance to a local playoff at the end of the local season to determine the local league champion that will advance to State Championships.

Why just the top finishing team? Why not the top two teams from each flight?

Local playoffs have grown to the point of taking too many weeks, thus shortening the regular season. With continued league growth plus the addition of 40 & Over age divisions it has become necessary. This is also part of the effort to reduce extra weekend matches for teams.

How are Local Playoff dates chosen?

Local playoffs must be completed before local winners are required to be reported, and are scheduled when there are outdoor and indoor courts (as backup in case of rain) are available.

Court fees?

The court sites set and manage their individual court fees. USTA only schedules matches on the courts they make available to USTA Leagues.

Matches at Spencer, Latham, Grimsley and Barber Park are invoiced by Greensboro Tennis Program (not GRETA or USTA). Captains typically receive an invoice from GTP for these matches at the end of their local season. Matches at all other sites are payable to the site (in one amount by the captain) at the time of the match.


Why do some flights have weekend matches?

USTA State rules require teams play full round robins (play every other team in their flight) so it depends on how many teams register in your division. If the number of the required matches exceeds the number of weeks in the local league season before local winners are required to be reported, some weekend matches in addition to the regular day of play may be required.

Why are some levels divided into flights, and how?

Levels that have more than 12 teams will automatically be divided into flights in order to complete all required matches within the required local season. Flights are divided by random draw, making sure the top two teams from the previous season are in separate flights.


Why do some flights have an uneven number of teams?

This is to allow teams to have as many matches as possible, while still completing all required matches within the required local season. For example a level with 13 teams will be divided into flights of 4 and 9, allowing the flight of 4 teams to play a triple round robin for 9 matches, and the flight of 9 to play a single round robin of 8 matches.


Is there a limit to how many 5.0 players a 9.0 or 8.5 team may have on their roster?

There is no limit, however teams must be able to field three courts with no partners’ combined ratings exceeding 9.0 or depending on the league.


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